Size Doesn’t Mean A Thing, Fit Does

Size doesn’t mean a thing, fit does. Choose for drape and comfort, not for a predetermined size. You’ll look better and feel better.

  • Choose soft fabrics that drape over curves and flow comfortably.
  • A V-neck creates a vertical line and helps balance a round face.
  • If you love knits, choose a weight and size that skims you without clinging.
  • If you have a full bosom, look for simple bodices. A long scarf or necklace will catch the eye and minimize the size.
  • Shoulders are critical to plus size women. It’s important to wear a bit of shoulder padding to balance your lower half. Stay away from shoulders too square or too large or droopy, as you will look sloppy. Experiment with pads for your best look.
  • Wear a jacket longer than the widest part of your derriere.
  • Pins should be worn close to the face not down on the bustline. Try moving your pins up on your shoulder 2-3 inches. You’ll be surprised at the difference.