UpScale Career Wear

From board-room twill to all-day-conference suits, elegant and unusual accessories, we know you have an appreciation for quality.

One of our specialties is helping you dress for your career. With so many options of what is acceptable to wear to work, we will help you select items that flatter and fit you appropriately. We can help you “dress the part” if you’re working for a promotion, have to make a presentation or just want to look professional in your daily job.

We have many consignors who bring us whole wardrobes of items that have already been mixed and matched. Often, the consignor has had her colors done, and have items which have already been coordinated and work well together. We display these items in groups, when possible, so that we can help you easily select a number of items of similar size and quality.

We love “snobby” department store brands like Talbot Woman, Salon Z, Sak’s Nordstrom’s, Dana Buckman, Ralph Lauren, Ungaro, Jones Signature, Ellen Tracy. And the better boutiques do well here: Chico’s,  Macy’s and our younger customers love Lane Bryant. Items with style and personality also work well.

A good basic wardrobe based upon a solid neutral color, accented with pizzazz will bring you compliments and comfort in your choices. If you’re not sure, ask us for assistance. We are always here to help you coordinate our items or items from your own wardrobe.