UpScale Formal Wear

     Whether you are the mother of the bride or groom, the grandmother of the bride or groom or just attending a special wedding, UpScale Plus  & UpScale Princess Consignment is the first place to look.

     We consign new formal and cocktail dresses nearly every week. Most of these gowns have been worn once and for just a short period of time. They are in wonderful condition and look just like new at a fraction of the cost.

When you’re done wearing the gown, we will often buy them back for a store credit which you can use that day to buy something else. This is a wonderful way to keep your closet from filling up with unused items and replace them with things you can wear right away. Items must meet our clean, “in-style, in season” guidelines.

We generally have a list of alteration ladies who can provide you with quality alterations at reasonable prices. They are very accommodating and extremely talented when it comes to making your gown fit in all the right places. Some also create custom jackets to go over sleeveless dresses if you have that need.

We also have a small selection of bridesmaids apparel.

Call us for details at (303) 420-5423